It all starts with ideas, strategic thinking, a quality plan and the ability to implement.

Whether you’re in need of PR, a meaningful event, a powerful partnership, a shift in culture, refinement of your processes, an inspired speech to rally the community, a focused board of directors, a refreshed brand, quality storytelling or whatever else stands in the way of you connecting to your communities of choice, we can help you explore the practical solutions that get you to your goal.

— Sherlock Holmes

We start with the basics and build from there. We explore your core purpose and let it guide our efforts.

You know my methods, Watson.
— Sherlock Holmes

Inspired Connections offers a variety of services and strategy grounded in the idea of and journey toward community.

Strategy: Asking the right questions can lead to breakthroughs – on your board, in your business, refining your processes and operations, in your brand and positioning and beyond. We help you see and create the roadmap, develop it down to the details, and help with implementation where needed.

PR: It’s not just about getting noticed, but putting the outcomes you seek first. Media engagement, content development, pretty design and more.

Events: The details matter, yet so does the big picture and the “what’s next” question. Inspiring the connections you need to achieve the outcomes you desire is our focus. From concept development to getting the thank yous out, consider it done.

Marketing: With impact in mind, we help you develop the content and determine the right pathways to get your message out. Relevance, collaboration and leverage matter.

Relationship Development: People matter. Our first focus is your connections to achieve the goals you desire. Collaboration, partnerships, collective impact – we’re all in to help you step forward in a big way.

Facilitation/Speaking/Coaching: We can lead your strategy session, board retreat, staff development. We help coach team members and executives on story-telling, leadership evolution and personal brand development.